Employee Handbooks

An updated and legally compliant handbook is vital to every business with employees, regardless of industry or size.  In addition to providing a written record of policies and procedures, your company’s employee handbook plays a key role in effectively developing your relationship with employees and serves as a benchmark for managing workplace behavior.

Paragon develops clear, concise Employee Handbooks that not only comply with regulatory requirements but meet the policy needs of your business.  Our unique, affordable services offer flexibility in developing from scratch or updating an existing legally compliant, tailored employee handbook.  Whether you need a completely new handbook or would like to revise your existing one, Paragon offers you the resources and HR support to complete the project within your timeframe.

Properly drafted and distributed, an Employee Handbook is a valuable asset that can:

  • Help minimize exposure to employee initiated legal actions.
  • Assist in retention of quality employees.
  • Develop communications and clarify expectations between employees and management.
  • Contribute to increased employee engagement and productivity.
  • Foster consistency within the administration of your business’ Human Resources.