Small Business Support

Providing HR support to our small and mid-sized clients for over twelve years has given us the opportunity to understand the human resource-related challenges they face and understand exactly what they need from an HR standpoint to remain compliant and effective without breaking the bank.  Our fees are typically over less than half of what major payroll companies charge AND our programs provide much more value in terms of support and services.

We have developed this program to specifically accommodate your unique needs while fitting into limited budgets.  For more information or to request a quote, please contact us today!

This comprehensive, annual package includes everything a small to mid-sized business requires to set up and maintain an effective HR function:

  • Standard Employee Handbook
  • UNLIMITED (24/7) Email Support
  • Annual HR Audit to ensure all personnel files and other HR-related documents and functions are compliant.
  • ADA Compliant Job Description Template
  • Sexual + Other Unlawful Forms of Harassment Policy
  • Sexual + Other Unlawful Forms of Harassment Training Presentation
  • Two (2) Monthly 30 Minute Telephone Support Sessions